4″ Bedding

Marvin was born to grow flowers. When you and I were setting up Lemonade Stands as our first foray into the business world, Marvin was growing annuals for bedding and selling them at his fathers’ nursery in Nassau, Bahamas. Since 1975 Pinder’s has been a primary source of color on the Treasure Coast.

For success with bedding, it starts with the soil. Marvins’ proprietary mix has been developed over 25 years of growing annuals on the Treasure Coast. This blend of fine to coarse organic matter & beneficial microbes is living medium that gets Pinder’s young plants off to a solid start. Packed in a 4.33-inch pot, these transplants have well established roots in a plug of Marvins’ Magic Mix. This good start means a season of outstanding performance with little maintenance involved. Marvin selects the finest quality fertilizer to be incorporated with the soil, at rates that comply with IFAS recommendation for Best Management Practices. The reliable Poly-On brand coating means a steady, sustained release of feed regardless of our extremes of climate conditions from season-to-season. So you will enjoy a season of consistent growth and color

Consistent habit and predictable performance are the attributes that Marvin selects for across all of the bedding plants he offers. You can rely on the fact that each plant recommended is the best suited to our region that has been identified. Each species, planted in the correct cultural environment will perform well, and with a habit consistent with other colors we offer of the same plant species. Couple these great plant attributes with reliable availability for late season replacements for a sense of comfort when recommending color to your customers.


4″ Bedding