Mid-Winter Relief comes in Small Packages , JANUARY 2011

I have been suffering a true winter this year! I started it off with a head cold at Thanksgiving, which I just couldn’t shake. It never really left me, just evolved into a sleep-shattering cough and bronchitis.  This dragging around in my PJs has been punctuated by blast after blast of Arctic Air! Ugh, my back yard looks like a nuclear wasteland! But as sure as local honey soothes a cough, I have found the remedy to backyard blahs. Color! Bright spots of color dotted about in containers! I have been plunging my hands into the soil to pot up containers of drab-relief! Geraniums, petunias, snapdragons and more! All cold tolerant, and if it gets too intolerable, all very portable! And did I mention how soothing the warmth of the soil closing in around your fore arms can feel? Mmmm, like a soft blanket!

So to get you out of your winter doldrums, we are inviting you in to use our potting bench and pot up your own color remedy. We will help you put together a design that works just right for you, you pay  just for what you need to get it done, and we clean up the mess!

Come and meet me at the potting bench, or simply stroll our paths for your own shot of garden bliss!

See you in the garden (I’ll be in my PJs at the potting bench!)