There’s No Time Like the Present

…and it’s a gift, really.  We can take this point in time to be inspired by Nature and let it guide us in some really cool ways.  We’re thinking about being outside in that great weather and enjoying all the best of this time of year. Some Intentions we’re working on:
Grow your own grove!  Adding citrus trees and other fruit trees to your yard will help you eat healthier and fresher.  It will also give you the gift of gardening and learning. There are so many amazing things to learn and know about fruit trees. And we can help you find the perfect tree for your space, and fruit trees are easy to grow and harvest!
Add flavor to your kitchen with an herb and veggie garden: fresh flavorful eating, and handy, too!  Think about your go to meals and what herbs can make them even more delicious, then grow those in a container outside your door (or wherever the lighting is right.)
Plant the garden you have always wanted to grow!  Start small with a few plants that catch your eye or move you.  Watch the garden take off.  We are always here to give you tips on placement and care.
Design a butterfly or bird garden and bring amazing wildlife to your yard!  This is an easy, fun project and it’s good for the whole family to be involved with!
Learn something new about growing your own food or planning a birdwatching garden in one of our free classes. Find our calendar, here.