The Finest of Fall Color

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Journalist Albert Camus was certainly writing of Fall in the North where the leaves are already flowers turning from bright green to the warmest hues of cinnamon and gold.  Fall is thee time to bask in the colors of red, orange, and yellow and a great way to enjoy leaves like flowers is to splash a group of Crotons around your garden.  Every transplanted gardener can see the similarity between our field full of Crotons and a New England mountain range during peak.

As the days grow shorter, the Crotons grow brighter and there is no avoiding those Autumn feels…even without the rolling mountain tapestry!  Crotons planted in full sun will give you their most vivid colors all year long. Well-drained soil is a must and Crotons can tolerate periods of drought.  They are slow growers and can always be pruned once a year to keep them in shape.  They can be planted alone or in groups for that maximum pop of color.  We have a great selection (10 varieties!) of different colors and pot sizes grown especially for you.  Cooler days are just around the corner; visit the garden center to check out our cure for changing leaves!