Discover Florida Natives

Florida Native Plants have evolved over time in reliance on the soil, rainfall, and climate specific to our area.  They naturally provide habitat and food for native birds, animals, and insects.  Because Native Plants are accustomed to our local weather conditions, they thrive with the least amount of care, and help us use less resources to keep them growing.  How Earth-Friendly is that?

When landscaping with Natives, you may consider selecting a variety of sizes, shapes, and types of plants (ground covers, shrubs, trees).  This will not only create visual interest, but will also provide habitat for various wildlife.

Adding Florida Natives to your landscape is a great Earth-mindful way to protect our local environment.  Learn more about Florida Friendly Landscaping, here!

Walter’s Viburnum has small, white flowers that can nearly cover the plant. It blooms in late Winter and Spring. It grows quite upright and makes an attractive small shrub.

This is American Beauty Berry without fruit. It can grow up to 8 feet tall, but is more often seen around 3 – 5 feet. It has long, arched branches, and attractive foliage. Arguably, the berries make it one of the prettiest Natives. The seeds and berries are an important food for many birds.

Simpson’s Stopper is a really great Native! These little berries are loved by the Florida Mockingbird. This plant is very easy to care for, it is cold-hardy, heat-, drought-, and salt-tolerant and it makes a great hedge. We have seen people keep them pruned so they are low-growing or let them grow to 6 or more feet. They also work well in containers. They grow fairly slowly so maintenance is easy.